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General Contracting for Custom Residential and Commercial Projects

If you're considering managing your own project instead of hiring a general contractor, it's important that you understand all that the job entails.


What does a general contractor do? A general contractor  oversees and manages new construction, large home improvements and remodeling projects, acting as your main contact and ensuring the work is done to your satisfaction. It's a difficult role that reqiures real skill, expert knowledge and lots of time on-site.


The list that follows is far from complete, but it does provide a general overview of the general contracting services W.C.E. offers;


If there's an architect or architectural designer involved, W.C.E. will work with that person to ensure the project is implemented as planned. We will review plans together before any work begins. If problems arise W.C.E. can suggest workable solutions to the architect.


W.C.E. has a network of trusted sub-contractors. This allows us to gather accurate bids quickly.  For each of those bids, the sub-contractor will need to be walked through the project and have all of their questions answered.If you act as your own general contractor, accomplishing the same thing will require quite a bit more time and effort.


W.C.E. coordinates things with the busy schedule of multiple sub-contractors. This can be a real juggling act. When there is a general contractor on site, sub-contractors are more inclined to keep on schedule. However, if there is an inexperienced homeowner handling things, these sub-contractors will often ask for more time, which can add weeks to the completion date of your project. Plus, there could be cancellation penalty fees to pay if things get off track.


W.C.E. has the skills to handle the carpentry tasks required on a project - and we often end up performing much of that work. That's why projects handled by us rarely run behind schedule.


We will be on-site regularly, inspecting the work as it's completed, providing answers and resolving issues. If there is no general a sub contractor may have to wait or guess at a solution - which often results in delays or mistakes that can affect the work of all subs that follow.


To ensure a safe community, city  and/or  county permits are required before you or any sub-contractor can demolish, build, enlarge, improve or convert a great many things on your property. W.C.E. knows which tasks require permits and those that don't. We are very familiar with the process of applying for them and experienced in filling out the paperwork.


W.C.E. will also coordinate all of the associated inspections -- meeting the city and/or county inspectors at the job site and working with them on any requested changes or adjustments.


Do you have what it takes to be your own general contractor? Only you know for sure. Before making your final decision, you may want to use our consulting services for an assessment of how easy or difficult your project will be.

Home Owner, General Contractor Consulting

Do you want to act as your own general contractor, but don't know the details. W.C.E. can help you with those details. With many years of experience building custom homes, we know how to build homes. We can offer that experience to you the homeowner, which will help prevent costly mistakes. We can assist you in the areas where you need help;



Design process

Organizing your timeline

Lining up sub contractors

Product takeoffs

Product ordering

Pricing of products

Site visits to make sure local building codes are being adhered too 

And anything else you may need help with 


The cost of service depends on the level of assistance needed. If you are interested in being your own general contractor but want the expertise of a professional, please give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss your project. 

Sub Contracting

W.C.E. offers many services in the construction business. Our highly skilled crew is capable of building anything. Give us your bluprints or your ideas and we can knock it out superbly and efficiently. We offer fair market prices for;









Cleaning Services


If you are a homeowner or even another

General Contracting company looking for qualty craftsmanship, timeliness, and great customer service at a fair price, then you can't go wrong with W.C.E. 




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